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As landlord, you can find a tenant while the commission agreement is in progress, however, Q Living Copenhagen is still entitled to the whole fee. We will still assist with legal documents.

Basically not. However, we are open to discuss this in certain situations.

Yes. You will always have the final say, when choosing a tenant.

When your property is rented out, you cannot terminate the lease, according to Danish Law. However, there is an exception, if you need to use the property yourself, then you can terminate the lease with a year’s notice.

You can take pictures yourself, if you want to. However we recommend that you use our professional photographer, to get the best pictures with the best light.

Afterwards the pictures belong to you.

We always recommend that you get your property professionally cleaned. This ensures that the property is completely clean, before the new tenant moves in. The tenant is also entitled to return the property with a professional cleaning.

You can purchase a professional cleaning through Q Living Copenhagen.

If a diplomatic clause is included in the lease, the tenant is, as a rule, bound by the lease, and all rental-related obligations relating thereto throughout the rental period.

However, an agreement is hereby concluded, that the tenant may at any time terminate the lease with a 3 months’ notice until the first in a month, if the tenant is to vacate the country due to circumstances, the tenant is not aware of, when arranging this lease.

According to Danish law, the diplomat clause is a requirement.

If the lease is terminated on the above mentioned circumstances, documentation of the transfer can be required.

Often, it is best if you are not at home. Then the tenant will have the possibility to ask questions that they normally wouldn’t ask the landlord, as well as they get the opportunity to get their own impression of the property.

Mostly Q Living Copenhagen rent out to companies and expats. Expats are people who come to Denmark to work for a longer or shorter period. With every case, we evaluate whether or not it will be a proper tenant for you.


Yes. The rent is always without consumption. You have to calculate with water, heating and TV being added to the price.

We show properties Monday to Friday from 9.00 – 16.00, weekends and by appointment.

We always strive to find the best match between property and tenant. We will gladly show you more than one opportunity.

In apartments, you often pay for the consumption in the lease you pay to the landlord. In houses, you pay the landlord for the water, but normally the other expenses are paid directly to the provider. You can ask our agent for more information regarding the specific case.

You always pay a deposit, equivalent to three months’ rent. However it is only in certain cases, that the landlord wants you to prepay one month’s rent.

As a house owner you pay for the collection of waste. This is charged as renovation, either every 6. months or 12. months. The landlord can charge the tenant for this.

At Q Living Copenhagen you have the opportunity to rent a furniture package for a shorter or longer period. There are two different packages, and we can help you choose the most suitable for your needs.

A furniture package is paid on a monthly basis. The price depends on the size of the housing and the number of rooms etc. Furnishings include delivery, setup and returning of the furniture.

If you live in a housing that is not rented through Q Living Copenhagen, you can still rent a furniture package.

If you want to include a diplomat clause in your lease, this means that you as tenant, can vacate the property with three months’ notice, if you expedient have to move out of Denmark.

The clause also means that you cannot vacate the property throughout the whole period, without a valid reason.