We take a 9 % fee of 1 years rent. This is a onetime payment, which you make once your property is rented out. For more information please contact our rental agent.


When renting out your property, it is a requirement from our side, that you get professional pictures taken, in order to get the property to appear in the best way possible. You are welcome to find a photographer yourself, alternatively we offer the following packages:

Package 1 consists of 10-12 pictures for DKK 599,- (DKK 748,75,- incl. VAT)

Package 2 consists of 20-25 pictures for DKK 799,- (DKK 998,75,- incl. VAT)

Afterwards the pictures belong to you.


You have the opportunity to purchase the following services through Q Group:


If you want a cleaning when moving in, and/or out, the hourly price is DKK 385,- (DKK 481,25,- incl. VAT)

If you want a biweekly or monthly cleaning, the prices vary after the size of the property. For more information, please contact us.

Move in and move out report

If you don’t want to make the reports yourself, you can purchase this service at Q Living Copenhagen.

Move in report is DKK 1.500,- (DKK 1.875,- incl. VAT)

Move out report is DKK 1.500,- (DKK 1.875,- incl. VAT)

If you purchase both reports at once it’s DKK 2.400,- (DKK 3.000,- incl. VAT)


Furniture rental

You can see more details about our furniture packages here.

The prices vary after the size of the property and the design of the furniture.



Billing services

Q Living Copenhagen carries out the invoice of the tenant, and in case of missing or late payment by the tenant, we handle the case and send out the reminder in accordance with Danish regulations.

Price per month is DKK 250,- (DKK 312,5,- incl. VAT)

Caretaker arrangement

Both tenant and landlord can contact our service department, if you have any issues you want us to take a look at. Our service department consists of electricians, plumbers, painters and carpenters.

The hourly price is DKK 410,- (DKK 512,5,- incl. VAT)