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Furniture packages for your needs 

rent or buy your furniture package through Q Apartments & save both time and money!


We offer furniture packages that can lead you the way to a stylish and well-decorated home. We make sure to deliver and furnish the furniture package according to your exact wishes, so that you feel comfortable and at home in your new surroundings.

The furniture packages can be upgraded, both in terms of design and size. This will be done in consultation with our interior designer.


1. Standard

We tailor the furniture package to your needs and wishes.

You will be sent a list from which you can hand-pick items, so that your particular furniture package becomes completely personal

2. Individual rooms

You choose which rooms you need furniture for and we then prepare a tailor-made offer for you

3. Additional furniture

Purchase additional furniture or add more rooms to your current furniture package. It can be a guest room, office, bathroom, baby/children’s room etc.

  • Attractive discounts from our suppliers
  • Quick delivery
  • Delivery, assembly, furnishing and disposal of all packaging at a single combined price
  • Delivery every day of the week in all of Denmark

If you have questions or want an offer, please contact us:


Phone +45 35 24 55 99 – office hours 09.00-15.30 Mon-Fri


Phone +45 35 24 55 99

office hours 09.00-15.30 Mon-Fri