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1048 – Lovely business premises at Ålborggade

For rent


The lease is at approx. 68 m² and is furnished with a smaller office area where 2-3 jobs can be established. Furthermore, there is a smaller room for the rental, which would be suitable for archive or printer space. There are also kitchen and toilet facilities in the lease. There is good parking in front ... <a title="1048 – Lovely business premises at Ålborggade" class="read-more" href="">Read more</a>

68 m2
1049 – Commercial properties Viborggade

Rented out

3 years ago

Great local in attractive surroundings The buisnessromm are located in a large and nice property in Viborggade with a nice entrance hall and a beautiful courtyard, accessible via the backstroke. The property is close to public transport. Bus line 1A runs from Hellerup St. stops at Viborggade. In addition, you have 10 min walking distance ... <a title="1049 – Commercial properties Viborggade" class="read-more" href="">Read more</a>

47 m2