Living your dream

If you are in the unfortunate situation that there is a need for re-housing, then let us help you.

In Q, we offer re-housing for both short and long periods in our fully furnished leases. We offer apartments of all sizes, from a cozy two bedroom apartment of 50 sqm to large mansions apartments of + 200 sqm. Our apartments are located throughout Copenhagen

We collaborate on a daily basis with the large Danish insurance companies on re-housing their clients.

As a result of a relocation you can be in the unfortunate situation where you have lost all your belongings, you can easily move into one of our apartments. All homes are fully furnished with everything from furniture, duvets, pillows, sheets and towels.

Here is a small selection of our housing for rehousing, but please contact us for the full selection

If you have questions about re-housing, please contact us here